Potty Training Part 2

Record Keeping

In order to have success in the toileting training we must find out the elimination pattern. Meaning that we need to figure out around what time the child is wetting or soiling his/her pants.

In order to find out this pattern we must keep a record for 2 weeks. After the two week period toilet training may begin.

During the two week period do the following:

1. You should keep handling toileting the same way you have been doing so far.
2. Check your child every morning to see if he is dry, has urinated, or has had a bowel movement in his diaper.
3. Check every hour after this until bedtime.
4. After checking every hour record each time.
5. If the child has a wet or soiled diaper. This will help you know if your child has had an accident in the next hour and will also help your child to get used to be dry.

After two week of keeping track you will most likely be able to identify the times in the day in which your child is likely to have a bowel movement. Once you identify the time of the day make sure to sit your child in the toilet for a couple of minutes at a time. Stick to the schedule. Failure to stick to the schedule will jeopardize the training.

Please remember to use a highly reinforcing item to reward your child when they eliminate in the toilet. Also remember to praise for every attempt. It is very important to keep your child motivated.

Please click here to download an elimination chart.

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training Part 2

  1. Hi all,
    just keep in mind it is very important to spend these two week tracking elimination so you will be able to narrow down the time your child is most likely to eliminate.
    Even if you think, you child does not have regular times after keeping tracking for two week you will be able to see some type of pattern.
    thank you!

  2. Remember that consistency is key for success! When checking to see the routines please set alarms on your phone or write down that you need to check your child on a post-it note and put it somewhere you will be able to see it often. Make this part of your daily routine (like dinner, dressing, or gym).

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