The Familias First office is located in San Gabriel, CA.  However, we provide services throughout Southern California.  Our services are not confined to one region or state.
Familias First does not provide Floortime services.  However, CBC Education, Inc., our sister agency, provides DIR/Floortime therapy.  Please visit CBC’s website for more information.
The ABA services we provide require parental, or primary caregiver, participation.  For intensive ABA services, parents must participate in sessions a minimum of 80% of the session time.  Moreover, certain programs, such as those that fall under the category of independently daily living skills (e.g., bathing, grooming), require the parent to participate 100%.  Familias First firmly believes that the parent is the most important teacher in the child’s life.
If you are interested in obtaining ABA services through us, it is likely that the funding source (i.e., health insurance carrier or Regional Center) covering the ABA services may contract with Familias First.  Also, funding sources may grant a “single case/client agreement.”  That means they can extend a service agreement with Familias First to provide services to you only.
ABA and Floortime services are two completely different treatments models that focus on specific areas of development.  Floortime primarily focuses on the development of skills needed to socialize, interact, and form meaningful relationships through the DIR model.  On the other hand, ABA utilizes evidenced-based practices that have been proven to be effective in teaching adaptive skills, increasing communication, and addressing problematic behaviors that interfere with the client’s functioning.  Social skills can also be taught with ABA services; however, the approach will look different when compared with the DIR/Floortime approach.
We serve individuals diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities (e.g., Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Rhett Syndrome), across the lifespan.  There is research supporting the effectiveness of ABA services for individuals of all ages.  For older clients, the goal of therapy will be different.  It will center on teaching skills that will allow the individual to be employed or continue their education.  All treatment plans are person-centered.
In general, a Regional Center will provide ABA services if the client does not have a diagnosis of autism or is younger than 3 years old.  A Regional Center may also fund services if you have a self-funded or out of (California) state health insurance.  If the client has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and is 3 years or older, your health insurance plan should cover the ABA services.  There may be exceptions to this rule, so please contact the Regional center or your health insurance plan administrator for more information.
You may look at the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) website at http://www.dds.ca.gov/RC/RCList.cfm, to locate the Regional Center serving your area.
Please contact the health insurance plan administrator (number is usually found on your insurance card) to verify ABA coverage.  There are insurance plans that may exclude coverage.  In this case, should obtain written proof from your health insurance carrier that they do not cover ABA services for autism and approach your local Regional Center.
ABA services are provided in the client’s home, and local community.  Local community locations should be clinically significant.  This means that the client exhibits problematic behaviors in a community location that the client goes to, or should go, such as a grocery store or post office.  Depending on the client’s treatment plan, it may be appropriate for the client to also receive ABA services at our office.

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